Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Basement

Many of my initial posts are building on a fundamental premise inherent in both Taoism and Buddhism—the premise of dependent origination. Simply stated this is the simultaneous arising of apparent opposites. Death and life; Light and dark; Mother and child...Every dimension, observable or not. Nothing exists in isolation and it is incorrect to think that one thing precedes another.

That premise is portrayed in Lao Tzu’s metaphorical relating of the primordial nameless and ten thousand things and is picked up and reflected as a Ladder and Wall in my posts. Since postings are sequential, with viewers entering at various times, the reader may wonder what this “Wall” and “Ladder” is all about. Toward the objective of clarification it would be helpful to the reader to begin with my initial post: “Digestion” where the initial basement is laid.

This will be a common theme as I progress through the labyrinth of mystery and manifestations and it will be more useful to grasp the foundation before proceeding with interior decoration.
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