Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Ladder—Form

In order for essential transcendence to transform, otherness would have to exit. And if otherness were introduced into this realm seen through the imagination, essence would transform from nothing/everything to something. It would then no longer be wholly essence. It would take on definable form—an extension of essence yet imbued with essence. Otherness provides dimension. Otherness is creative expression. Otherness means contingent: one thing depending on another thing at the primordial level and beyond. Otherness is interdependent and moves away from absolute essence into the realm of form and non-stagnation. Otherness is life itself and death itself and both life and death, and neither. Otherness provides infused separation, a condition necessary to be imagined. It is “being” with a “ground” for being.

“Being” and “ground of essence” define and support one another. They are interdependent and integral to one another. One is not more important than the other just as a mother is not more important than a daughter, who will one day be a mother with child, and neither can exist without the seed of essence which is transmitted eternally through form. All arise and exist together. Their existence as entities depends upon infused otherness. They are mutually supportive. Ground-of-being and Being are an essential partnership for the creative expression to exist. Ground without being remains unborn potential. Being without ground is not possible. Being without sentient beings is pointless. Source and sourced go together. Essence apart from otherness, meaning ceases to exist at least in any way which can be comprehended. Being is the sentient eye through which essence is intuited. 

Why a ladder? Because a ladder has two legs, each side supporting the other side. One leg alone would fall down and the two sides must be joined together to stand up. The sides are clearly discriminate. They are not the same yet together these two stand as a single ladder which must lean against the wall of incomprehensible essence. Three parts: a two-part ladder with discriminate legs, leaning against an indiscriminate wall: the structure of reality—The Middle Way.
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