Monday, October 24, 2016

Gaining and losing.

“Have you found Jesus? I didn’t know he was lost.

Okay, so it’s an old joke and more than likely considered sacrilegious by Christians lacking a sense of humor. That likelihood aside there’s an important point buried in the humor. And the point? You can’t find what’s never lost, Jesus or anything else. So why does that seem like such big deal to me? Simply because of a fundamental belief embedded into our culture that created havoc in my life until I came to my senses. 

I’ll walk you through the subterfuge and I’m sure you’ll find your own resonance. Suppose you’ve been told your entire life that you’re no good and the reason is that you have been rejected by God. Maybe it took some time but eventually, you came to believe the lie. And once the idea became a matter of belief, it became cast in stone where it became a plague infecting every relationship you subsequently had, most importantly the one you had with yourself. And since it was now a sure thing you began to act as if it were true: That you were no good, and boy did you get confirming feedback, and the belief just became more and more embedded. That vector takes you step by step to the big moment of reckoning: suicide. And the reason is really also pretty simple: Rejection by God, and there is nothing you can do about that except take your licks.

And why am I so sure about this? Because I just described my life, except for the last chapter, which is this: You can’t find what’s never been lost. I’ll leave you to try that on for yourself, but here’s a clue: What is absolutely good, can never be relatively no good.
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