Monday, September 5, 2016

Bitterness and Betterness

A friend sent me the meme to the right. I thought about the wisdom and then, in honest reflection, realized something of worth: To move to Betterness without going through Bitterness is not only disingenuous but more than likely impossible. We are, after all humans and rarely react to adversity gladly. That reaction takes some pretty advanced transformation and few indeed are able to get to that place without having first experienced disappointment, anguish and suffering. Nobody I have ever known (including myself) has ever leaped over these preliminary emotions as though moving from “A” to “Z” by jumping over “B” through “Y.”

In point of fact it is precisely the process of anguish that compels transformation. This is a point we often overlook because we think suffering is something we can avoid if we stand on the sidelines while the suffering train leaves the station. No, there is great wisdom inherent in suffering because of this:

“Every suffering is a seed, because suffering impels us to seek wisdom.”Bodhidharma

Betterness is the residue of bitterness and we can’t get to betterness by avoiding the bitter pill of suffering. And even once we arrive at a better way, the memory of what led to bitterness remains a compelling force, unless of course we enjoy suffering.
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