Sunday, April 22, 2018

The suchness of Earth Day.

Seeing things as they truly are, without delusions or bias, is a serious challenge to world survival. The Buddha referred to himself as the Tathāgata, which is a derivative of the East Asian term Tathatā: the true basis of reality. Ordinarily, if we think of it at all, we think of spiritual awakening as some sort of magical state of mind. According to the 5th-century Chinese Mahayana scripture entitled Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana, the state of suchness/tathatā manifests in the highest wisdom with sublime attributes and is thus the womb of the Buddha.

In the world of today, living in a state of denial represents a threat of massive proportions, not only to those who choose to stay blind, but to us all. Putting ones head in the sand of ignorance does not insure safety. On the contrary, closing our  eyes to the very real consequences of a warming climate accomplishes nothing more than insuring the ultimate end of a world that enables life. 

On this day (Earth Day) we have an opportunity to do our part to find our voice of courage and speak up to insure, not only our own survival but the survival of our own progeny, not to mention all sentient beings. What we all need to recognize is that every step of human progress, from the very beginning, has been contingent on having a livable environment. And unless we wake up soon we will find ourselves in an environment so hostile that life will no longer be possible. The signs of this progressing devastation may already be experienced as indicated in this article that reveals everything from growing allergies to ultimate destruction.
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