Sunday, March 18, 2018

Reflections of reality

Look in a mirror and what do you see? You see your face looking back at you. You don’t delude yourself with the notion that a reflection is really you. It’s just a reflection: an image appearing in a mirror. In your minds eye imagine yourself. That too is just an image appearing before you. Both the image in the mirror and the image in your mind are reflections of you but it’s the real you that is seeing them both.

Those images—All images are reflections but not what’s real. In every case, it takes an ineffable real you and objective images for perception to occur. Just you or just images won’t do the job. Both are necessary; it takes one who watches and what is watched. Reality joined to a reflection of reality is what it takes to make sense of anything. If we can see a reflection of our self, otherwise known as a self-image then the image being seen can’t possibly be who we truly are. The true seer is the one doing the seeing. The unreal us is the image being seen. We are not reflections. We are real people seeing reflections and what we see are just images. For those curious about the split between whats real vs. reflections (otherwise known as duality), you might want to read my post God in a Box  by clicking here.

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