Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Bird in hand.

Here or There?

Permeate. Interpenetrate. Assimilation: all mean essentially the same thing—To infuse one thing completely into another thing so the distinction between the two no longer exists. Mix the color red with the color blue and purple results. Now there is no more red or blue. Combine liquid water with extreme cold and ice results. Now there is the result of the interpenetration. Mix spirit with matter and what do you get? A sentient being with no more boundary lines between matter and spirit.

Now mix two or more sentient beings together and what do you get? Chaos. Red is different from blue and they don’t fight. Water and cold are different and they don’t fight. Spirit and matter are different and they do fight. Isn’t that odd? How can it be explained?  The problem is consciousness and perception. Red, blue, water and cold are not conscious, but when you add in consciousness suddenly there is fighting over differences. And the reason is simple: consciousness produces the capacity to perceive and what a sentient being perceives is differences. Nobody can perceive a spirit, just what a spirit produces—sentient matter.

There are both benefits and consequences to being human. We are the mixture of matter and spirit. We are sentient beings. We perceive ONLY differences. What we don’t perceive is our true spiritual nature because it can’t be perceived through our ordinary senses. We would rather have what we imagine is a couple of birds in the bush instead of the one in our hands. The one in our hands is no longer either spirit or matter. Now it is simply One whole sentient being: the infusion of God and non-God. We are the Middle Way.
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