Friday, July 13, 2018

Big or small. What’s the size of your house?

What size is your house?
Wisdom is continuously recast. Nevertheless, wisdom is wisdom and adapts to many different situations. It fits rather nicely into the Buddhist context, which is quite similar to the Christian context, which says “you are the body of Christ: the spirit of God dwells within.” Oh, by the way, the Gospel also teaches that Gods love is unconditional but like the contrast between allegiance to either God or money, we like to mix things up a bit and say that while Gods love is unconditional, ours surely is not. 

The manner in which this divided kingdom idea plays out from a Buddhist perspective is that we are the house (just like Jesus said) and our house can’t stand divided. There are seemingly two rooms in our house. One of those rooms belongs to a phantom who is wholly dominated by money and possessiveness. That guy is called “ego” and he thinks the whole house belongs to him. He is just a guest but has delusions of grandeur. The other room belongs to the host who owns the house. The guest just comes and goes, bobbing around like a cork on the tides of life. But the host never moves. He is the solid rock upon which the house is built. And here’s the real truth: this house is never divided even though it looks as if it is. Looks are deceiving. You can’t see the host; just the guest. We can’t see what doesn’t move.

And the house? It’s neither big nor small. It’s both because this house is all that there is from smaller than an atom to the vast reaches of space. The house is your mind.

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