Thursday, October 13, 2016

Always on.

Everywhere and Nowhere

The Internet is an amazing technology linking the minds of anyone on earth who has the means to tap into this virtual world. It is always on, located nowhere but is everywhere at once.

In a most unexpected way our true nature is like the Internet—always on, nowhere to be found but everywhere at once, connecting us to a virtual world. That analogy is easy to write but chances are not readily understood. Who we are truly is an unconditional, indiscriminate, connected to everything, spiritual being (e.g., pure, non-applied consciousness). In truth we are unified with one another already but this unity can’t be detected or understood. Through this undetectable reality we touch a world, which is in fact only accessible in a virtual way. The bodies we inhabit are so constructed that we touch this world consciously, mediated through our senses. What we sense as real are actually sensory projections occurring in our brains and this projection is so good and convincing we are fooled into taking this projection as reality.

Here is how the Shurangama Sutra speaks about this conundrum: “...All things in all worlds are the wondrous, fundamental, enlightened, luminous mind that understands, and that this mind, pure, all pervading, and perfect, contains the entire is everlasting and does not perish.”  Yet while this luminous mind understands it can’t be understood without falling into the trap of ignorance. As soon as we attempt to understand with words and concepts, it is unavoidable that this understanding be joined with the illusion of an independent self—the one we imagine is doing the understanding. Such an “understood enlightenment” is not true enlightenment. Fundamental ignorance is that state of unknowing which arises when we attempt to categorically encapsulate and divide what is essential, whole and complete already. It is a primary motive, in our deluded state of mind of conditions to understand and our means of attempting this understanding is to compare one thing against another. We see another and ourself, notice a physical difference and conclude a separate and apart individual. But what we conclude is a virtual projection; not reality.  Reality can’t be divided, except conceptually, and this leads to the deluded notion of duality which then expands with the notion that we are set apart from others and our world. If everything is the all pervading, and perfect luminous mind there can’t be a comparison. It would be like comparing one white to another white.

We move, we function, we live and die but we will never fully understand how any of that happens conceptually. Enlightenment is an accepted, always on experience that is realized when we stop trying and just rest in our true beingness.
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