Sunday, October 16, 2011

We Are The 100%

The “I’ve got mine; Get your own” contingent identifies with the 1%. Those who are struggling to survive identify with the 99%. Both of these firmly believe their position is justified and neither side can get along without the other side. The 1% have the needed resources. The 99% have the need. The 1%, while they may believe they can get along nicely without the 99%, are suffering from massive delusions. The 99% are also suffering from delusion believing they can coerce the have’s to prime the pump of economic recovery.

What these divides illustrate is the system flaw of alienation and opposition, which has never worked nor will it ever work. The solution is not one side in opposition to the other side but rather for both sides to acknowledge that we are all 100% human. If any of us, regardless of seeming points of division, refuse to see that we share a common human race, there is probably not much reason to expect any viable resolution to our common problems.   
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