Thursday, September 8, 2011


“The teacher appears when the student is ready.” Everyone has heard that metaphor but what does it mean? It probably means different things but perhaps the central meaning concerns alternatives and choices.

It’s human nature to select the choice that entails the least effort and delivers the most bang for the buck. Why pay $100 for something if we can find something that works just as well for $1? But if we pay $100 we expect to get that much worth in return. But what if we don’t get the value we hoped for but instead get far less? And what if we keep spending the same $100 and keep getting shortchanged? After a certain point we might want to try another tack. Then we’re ready.

The time is ready when we reach the ultimate end of a bad tunnel that keeps on delivering the ultimate lack of value. It can happen individually or culturally and these two are not different since cultures are nothing more than individuals grouped together. We are collectively and individually approaching a readiness of time. We have tried to attain ultimate value and it isn’t working. The more we spend, the worse it gets and it’s time to find out why it’s not working. What is preventing what we all so desperately seek? And what might that goal be? It’s love, happiness and fulfillment, joy, harmony and peace.

These are goal we are seeking and we’ve been traveling the wrong road to get there. The teacher is our natural intelligence; our true mind that contains all that we’ve been seeking but not finding. That’s where we find them. The goal is not “out there” on a path to nowhere. It is “in here” on the path to ourselves. And once we find it, it’s just like coming home to the place we’ve never left.
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