Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest one of all?

In a mirror everything is reversed and all that can be seen is a reflection of something. What is right out here is left in there. Reality and an image are reversed and all that can be seen is a reflection of something. We can’t reach into a mirror and pull out anything real, but what we see looks very real. What seems incomprehensible is that we have a mirror in us and like any other mirror, everything is a reflection of something real but only discernible as an image.

In our minds eye we see an image of ourselves, and we call that image a “self image.” It’s a product of our unseen mind. But since this image occurs in our mirror it is reversed and we take it to be real. Our ego is who we imagine our self to be and in our estimation we are the fairest one of all. But in a mirror what we see as the fairest is reversed. In truth our ego is our worst enemy. Our ego is greedy, vain, vengeful, vindictive, vulnerable, defensive and willing to do anything, however awful to fend off perceived threat. And all the while the real us lies hidden beneath these illusions awaiting to be unveiled. 

Our mind is like an iceberg: the visible and tiny tip (ego mind) and what lies at the vast depths of us all—our true, and unseen mind without limits. The real us lies on the other side of that inner mirror and the qualities of the ego are reversed. Whereas our imaginary self is greedy, vain, ignorant, vengeful and possessive, the real us is complete, humble, kind, wise and compassionate, but the real us has no identifying characteristics.

Every means of perception functions internally. There is no such thing as external perception. Perception by every means occurs in our brain and is a reflection, but not the real thing being perceived. In truth the entire universe exists only as images reflected in our brains. There is no perception of a self, no perception of a being, no perception of a soul and no perception of a person because a perception is only an image, a reflected projection that occurs in our brain. We are real and not real at the same time. The images are unreal. Our reality is unseen.

The images we see, and take to be real are actually just perceptions. The reality upon which these images are based can never be directly accessed, yet we are here. We live within the sea of unreality, which we understand as reality and never question this process.
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