Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The juxtaposition of where we stand at this point in the human journey is incredible. The extremes are astonishing! On the one hand we are living during a time when it is possible to be connected, almost instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world who has the necessary technology. The Internet, exploration of the cosmos, advances in medical, communications and scientific technologies — all and more have transformed our physical world in ways far beyond what we could have imagined just a few years ago. If these advances were a measure of human achievement we would get a grade of A+ but sadly we are failing.

Our ability to find common ground and move forward as a united human race has never been in greater jeopardy. The entire western world is coming unglued at once. The Middle East is a burning house. The entire nation of Somalia is on the edge with 13 million people starving to death. Haiti, years past a devastating earthquake, remains in ruins and vast portions of Japan are still unlivable due to a tsunami and resulting nuclear accident. And to top it all our entire physical world is reflecting these extremes: Hotter hots; Colder colds, massive floods, great geographic segments turned into desserts and melting ice caps.

On the one hand it has never been better and on the other hand it has never been worse. Clearly the problems have nothing to do with what we can do but instead result from what we refuse to do. We fight like snarling animals, fighting over a dead carcass about ideologies, with opposing factions prepared to kill one another and take pride in dying to achieve a one-sided agenda.

We are compromising our collective welfare, due to no loss of intelligent capacity but rather because of mental, emotional and spiritual poverty. What ought to be perfectly clear — what the nature of the problems are, and thus the solutions, continues to be ignored as we struggle to develop more and more technology while refusing to see what even a small child could see. Take a few moments and watch this, and then reflect on what we are losing. If you you don't get a large lump in your throat when you watch, you're probably already dead.
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