Monday, May 9, 2011

Spiritual Math

One plus one equals two. Two divided by itself equals one. We learn these fundamental lessons about manipulating numbers early in life. It’s easy so long as it involves abstract numbers and math doesn’t involve judgments and emotional overtones. The rules are not subject to interpretation and we all agree on the rules so we don’t get stressed even though one number is different from another number. We don’t think, “Two is better than one” since two is just the sum of two ones joined together and it would be impossible for the sum to exist without the union of ones.

That much is straightforward. No debate there. But when we add in the human component it begins to get sticky. Now the game changes to “mine is better than yours” and the variations on that theme are unbounded. The differences now rule the day and are arrayed along lines of gender, politics, spiritual choices, age, sexual orientations, and racial differences (just to name a few prominent divisions). The factor of difference overrides the factor of similarities and conflicts flare as we war with one another over how we are better than someone different from us.

Perhaps we all need to return to grammar school and learn the math of human relations. In today’s world conflicts have become a dominant force and these conflicts are all about how one person (or group) is better than another and beneath this issue lays the forgotten issue of unity. One person who chooses to align themselves with one political group never stops being human. A person who strives to understand their relationship with their source by choosing one way against another never stops being human. One plus two always comes out the same. These different numbers are always the result of the same fundamentals, and so are humans.
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