Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rushing backwards.

When we’re young we are in a hurry to grow up. When we’re grown up we’re in a hurry to make a living. Once we make a living we’re in a hurry to retire. Once we retire we’re in a hurry to relax. Once we’ve relaxed we’re no longer in a hurry because we suddenly realize there was nowhere to rush to except relaxing. Now we’re there and wonder why we were in such a rush. So then we start reflecting on where we’ve been. We start out craving tomorrow and end up craving yesterday, and all the while we pay little attention to where we are, from moment to moment.

And if we’re lucky, along the way from nowhere to another nowhere, we realize that there is no yesterday except the one that lives in our memory and there is no tomorrow except the one that lives in our imagination. And if we’re very lucky we take this realization to heart and begin savoring each and every moment, because in truth this moment and the next is the only non-imaginary reality we’ll ever have.
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