Friday, June 4, 2010

Mirror Art

Buddhism teaches that the mind functions like a mirror. Whatever comes before a mirror is reflected exactly without discrimination nor bias. It also teaches that we are looking through lenses of discrimination and bias. Consequently our reflections are filtered to present us with a view point that appears before us as justified. Since we are looking through the lenses we can’t see them. What we see is colored by the lenses and we naturally assume that life is colored that way.

Look into a mirror and what do you see? You see a face. If you are feeling sad you’ll see a sad face. If you’re feeling happy you’ll see a happy face. Our faces “reflect” what we are feeling. What we might fail to see is that others see our faces and we see their’s. They are our mirrors and we are their mirror. What appears before their mirror mind is our face reflecting our feelings and what appears before our mirror mind is their face reflecting their feelings.

Once we see this dynamic for what it is we can create mirror art. If you want to see a happy face looking back at you then wear a happy face. If you want to experience kindness then act kindly. Whatever we put out comes back to us. Does anyone wish for suffering? No? Then create some new art.
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