Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Tree.

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A wonderful tree grows in my front yard. It is rooted in special soil known as wisdom. The soil nourishes the tree with everything necessary for abundant and healthy growth. Throughout every capillary runs the sap of Buddha-Nature which sustains life in the tree. During cold times the sap runs back into the soil of wisdom and sleeps until called upon by warmth as needed.

On one side of the tree are attributes of non-self, impermanence, corruption and sadness. On the other side are the attributes of Self, eternity, purity and bliss. Without these two sides the tree would be divided and collapse. Both sides support each other and the tree grows strong and tall, cycling with the weather and bringing shade, beauty and peace to my yard. I love this tree and it loves me back. It is there for my pleasure and I am the gardener. We exist for each other and we are happy together.

This is a metaphorical tree which exists in my imagination. There is no ground of wisdom nor sap of Buddha-Nature. The tree is not split into two halves. There is no self nor non-self, no impermanence nor eternity, no corruption nor purity, no sadness nor bliss. There are no attributes since these are manifestations of another attribute which likewise is empty—my mind. Since there is no self there can be no “my” and without a “my” how can there be a “my mind”?

This wonderful tree is a non-dharma dharma which has meaning and truth yet does not exist in fact. In every yard, in every land, in every universe there exists this non-dharma dharma tree. If it was not so there would be no shade, beauty nor peace. In my front yard is no tree and no ground; no wisdom and no Buddha-Nature; no shade, beauty and peace. And yet there is.

In my front yard, there is a tree. It is just a tree.
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