Sunday, September 2, 2012

The last train out

This is likely going to be assessed as one of the most egregious blogs I have yet written. However, if the reader can set aside, for a moment, their personal preferences and think big enough it may be the most important.

The Republicans have now completed their convention in Tampa. This coming week the Democrats will have their turn in Charlotte. This morning I have listened to the pundits assess the RNC results and prognosticate about the upcoming DNC. For months we have been drowned to the point of puke with messages, largely funded by the Super PACs, launching barbs and counter barbs with a strategy of “he said/she said.”All of it essentially was based on who is responsible for the miserable state of our economic engine. Is it the Republicans who encourage us to return to an Ayn Rand philosophy of individual accomplishment (and corresponding benefits and consequences)? Or is it the fault of the Obama administration who has promoted and attempted to establish policies (relentlessly fought by a congress who announced from Day One a focused mission of limiting Obama to a one term presidency)?

Regardless of which party you consider yourself to be aligned with (and who is responsible for our dilemma), there was and continues to be THE issue that wasn’t addressed and won’t be addressed by either party or thought very much about by the American constituency. That issue is facing the undeniable reality that we will not solve OUR problems by continuing to think in terms of exclusive, independent solutions. The United States of America is not, and hasn’t been for many years, an independent nation, nor is any other nation. All of us are linked together in ways too numerable to articulate. Our financial system is inexorably an international one. Our balance of payments (imports/exports) is a delicate balance that 100% depends on open trade exchanges. Our communications are linked. Our Transportation systems are intimately fused. Workers flow like water from one nation to another following the sources of capitol. Energy? Yes. Politics? Absolutely. Education? The same. Medicine? The same. Military? Opposed yet linked. It is impossible to identify any significant issue that is independent. All of it, and I do mean all, is interdependent and to continue down the path leading to the future by assuming a premise of independence is doomed to self-destruct, regardless of which side is elected.

IF we are to succeed as a nation we will do so only by working, as an equal partner, to insure the prosperity of our partners (and they us). It is insane to live on a raft of luxury in a sea of misery and logically expect those who are hurting, starving, rife with disease, lacking in fundamental education and unable to even dream of providing for their loved ones willingly stay that way. And this philosophy applies to both people in the US and around the world. I can assure you that if I lived in a nation that provided no opportunities to live with basic necessities I would, as numerous “Illegal immigrants” do, break the law that effectively imprisons me, take the risk of getting caught and extradited back to the nation from which I came. I wouldn’t think more than a second about this because I don’t wish to starve and watch my family do likewise. And if you are really honest and able to see beyond your political affinity, you will undoubtedly agree. Does anyone wish his or her daughter to become a prostitute? Or work in a sweatshop for slave wages? Does any self-respecting human being want their sons to become a thief? A terrorist? Turn to drugs? Or watch their wife fall into utter despair because she can’t do anything but grab her starving child and flee to a city of tents replete with feces, urine, minimal food and virtually no medical support and then hold their child and watch them die in her arms? Would you say to such people: Just get a job? Stop whining? I’m praying for you but solve your own problems: I’m busy watching The View and The Bold and the Beautiful?

Nobody wants this for themselves or those they love. And everyone everywhere thinks the same way. We are a global city among many other global cities and our success depends upon caring for our human brothers and sisters. People who constantly strive to survive will never even know of their talents. They will never be able to offer their worth for our collective enjoyment and we will all lose what they could bring to enrich our lives. It simply can’t work for prosperity to flow to the top (and stay there) whether we are talking about the American people or from one nation to another. Our policies MUST be win/win or they will be lose/lose. Our world has changed in massive ways, very quickly, and our ability to survive and prosper must adapt or fail, and that is true whoever becomes the next president. This may be the most important election in our short national existence. It’s the last train out and we better make sure we get on the right one.
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